IF so keep priming it with carb. First, make sure there's fresh gas in the tank-old gas accumulates water and burns poorly. Did you make sure the flywheel key was good and in-place to ensure good timing? This also goes for properties with rental income such as for a basement suite... ensure you can afford your mortgage even without the extra income. ... Parts Diagram For Craftsman 42" Snow Blade 48624441, Kenmore … This compression is required to keep the piston and crankcase moving, and, without it, the engine can't start. Good luck and Please post your results!!! Replacing fuel line can almost become a teardown until you learn the tricks of fishing, feeding and pulling line. I poured oil in cylinder and compression improve more than 50%. Blow Leaves Away. It has spark, the carb 'looks' clean (no gunk), I can see gas pass through the tubes from the tank to the engine, and the oil/gas mixture is correct. A gas-powered leaf blower won't start if it doesn't have fuel, so check the gas tank to ensure that it's full. 358794701-358794704 Carburetor For Craftsman Leaf Blower 545081857 C1UW43 Gasket. Wade at this point, I agree fully. Based on the way things are running, I doubt that's the issue though. Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage. Once you have the lines switched check the operation. If the compression proves OK by 2nd gauge or finger, manually prime with a t/s of fuel mix and try it.5. I keep pulling the engine and it wont start at all. That was a fun run and I have not purchased a lawn mower since building my first from 5 parts mowers. I also use a 1/2 cabinet shelf for bulk. Is it the model at the address below (please copy and past to open)? It had run before with what feels like low compression, good fuel and fire but not this time. 3. Just defies logic , the kill switch was what I was going to suggest but you have indicate good spark , so ignition module and kill switch appear within spec. Since last running, it runs like it has a governor to regulate speed up & down vs knob accelerator. And really that's a point that goes to "location location location". En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. There are two hex head screws that needs to be tighten. Dear Just Pete,I have a problem that sounds almost exactly like yours. :) I really want to learn more on this topic, but it's obviously impossible with a carb that doesn't work right to begin with. They are wrong about 'Cape Cod', it is a FANTASTIC Craftsman bungalow AND, IF you decide to take out (!!!) I got a report that my image posted was deleted. IJM May 2007 Don't know what to suggest with compression at at least 100 Psi Cold . Thanks for the info Loger. It should fire right off the carb. 01 - Spark Plug. What could be the problem and how do I fix it. The primer is getting fuel, but the fuel is not getting thru the carborator to the cylinder (I replaced the carb thinking maybe it had a bad diaphram or something, but the new one has the same problem) the fuel filter appears to be working to me, I pulled out the line and filter and pushed the primer and fuel moves thru it and the excess goes back into the tank (or all of it in my case). Try a 2nd compression gauge (4-5 strokes/pumps) if you have access to one.2. CMXGAAMR27MF 27-cc 2-Cycle 135-MPH 650-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower. Whatever they did when manufacturing these, they must have left one heck of an Achilles heal. This was bought for mr by daughter who paid $130 10 years ago. It does sound like you've addressed almost everything on this unit. That main check nozzle valve can be replaced for $4-$5 I believe IF one can find parts. Have tried 2 thicknesses of paper as feeler gauge setting but still no spark. 2-Cycle 200 MPH/430 CFM GASOLINE POWERED BLOWER/VAC. I have taken a lot of advice here but still can not get it to start. I've tried everything to get this, like new, Poulan made Craftsman blower started. A carburetor repair kit has been installed; the gas lines are free of foreign objects; the filter is good; the spark is good; the needle valves have been adjusted according to the manual. Craftsman Leaf blower won't start. The last "old" Craftsman/Poulan blower I donated to a friend is running good for him. The piston appears to have a scratch around it. Suggestions:1. See if it starts with oil added to improve compression. Pull the muffler and look inside the cylinder. This old models which have only had bad fuel lines and carb problems are personally all I plan to touch (in my volunteering mode) vs compression teardown issues. Will a craftsman snow blower 486.24837 fit my 917.258860 garden tractor? I would think it's probably 120 or better? Now learning to tune a carb properly seems like a whole other battle to undertake sometime! It then runs approx. Heck ... they still run! Common solutions for: Craftsman Leaf blower won't start. :). CRAFTSMAN. Being house-poor will not make you happy. Checking compression with my finger, I can not hold the compression in the cylinder. . I would look for ring movement in the piston vs trying to rotate. still no luck. Does anyone know the required compression? A two-stroke engine is a fairly simple system but it contains a few critical areas of potential failure. Doesn't make sense to me ! LOL. It lubricates things that move and without lubrication, metal starts being picked up and redeposited where it was never meant to be. Try to rotate the ring to know itâÂÂs not stuck from carbon debris.2. I do have a Poulan made Craftsman blower that runs good after rebuilding the carb that had a bad diaphragm and restriction from old fuel. 25cc/1.5 cu. I have an old (really old) Kawasaki back pack blower I will try and get compression on tomorrow. I have a Craftsman gas leaf blower model #358.797170 and need an owners manual . But I may be surprised . So, if you have stubborn debris this is the best gas leaf blower for you. Sort By Featured. I replaced the spark plug (gapped correctly) and carborator with new parts from parts direct. This was a 70âÂÂs Hobby before moving to Computer Applications/Cad and Comp Repairs as a Hobby to keep my job. When I get back to it, IÂll pull the gas cap to see if a vacuum is occurring, otherwise what?? I checked my "older" Craftsman by Poulan BlowerÂs compression (20 + years maybe, model 358.796981) and got a pleasant surprise and a surprise after it has sat at least two months. If you been using ether to start this thing on a regular basis, it probably has no compression to speak of. I feel its due to him using it vs me sitting it on the shelf as a backup. I assume they are pre-set at the factory and should be OK. Would this hinder starting? Fuel Filter Issues. Replaced fuel filter and fuel lines, also replaced the carb gasket. Craftsman garage door opener model 139.53628SRT not working, I have the 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener model # 41A4315-6A. Your yard will be ready and clean in no time with the Craftsman 25cc 4-cycle leaf blower. http://images.krillion.com/static/images/products/blowers/craftsman/craftsman_gasoline_blowers_358794770_lg.jpg. cleaner. Engine techs say if it will jump the larger gap, ignition voltage isn't the problem. Blowing for cleaning depending on area is a broom for me still in my 70âÂÂs mode. Thanks. If I immediately try to re-start it, it will fun for 2 seconds; a third try and it will run for about 1 second. Whoever owned this machine obviously did zero maintenance. Free shipping . 6. 25cc/1.5 cu. Wade, this machine is just a nightmare. IÂm on my 3rd mower since 73. I got a Craftsman leaf blower 79160 from an auction, it was new as far as the packaging was bit damaged. Some newer low end equipment is not worth the money and time to put them back in service (but I like to see or show the problem). Thanks again for everyone's patience and time... 1113fortstockton, long time midwestern 20s homeowner I hope 'travisinteriors' is NOT a professional 'firm' . As has been stated it is hard to believe your Craftsman is not starting. Non commercial grades are not worth rebuilding IMO. Husband built me a 6 foot x 3 foot rack on wheels that is between my frig and counter. I"m hoping you will find a solution that will solve both our problems.Best of luck in your trouble shooting.Slim50, Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb. Does that if have a reed valve under the carb.? 1. The compression reading of a leaf blower when it is not warmed up can be 90psi, but as the leaf blower engine warms up, it will have difficulties running with 90 psi of compression. (OF COURSE, safety issues, lead, asbestos repair of foundation, electrical renovation are necessary first ). Bob, just tighten the screws tight and that will be good, just make sure the head is not moving. The blower ran fine today at a constant speed with the fuel cap on and off, "With A Full Tank Of Fresh Fuel". The 22 cc Weed-Eater blower I had (15 yrs.) What is the lowest compression that will not allow the engine to start? Thanks, Don. All help will be appreciated. Good. Learn about off-the-shelf, prefab and custom sheds, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, 10 Easy Fixes for That Nearly Perfect House You Want to Buy, Pocket Doors and Sliding Walls for a More Flexible Space, Get Cleaner Indoor Air Without Opening a Window, Original Home Details: What to Keep, What to Cast Off, 10 Low-Cost Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell, Your Kitchen: 10 Great Alternatives to Granite Counters, 6 Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project, How to Add a Backyard Shed for Storage or Living, Echo trimmer vertical storage & carb problems, Can anyone help with brand of a hand tool? I have been strictly focusing on the Exterior being painted on what I thought was a traditional Southwest home; thus all the wonderful suggestions from previous posts... My question now is: Since the home is 'Not' Southwest in architectural design, but more Craftsman as one of the posts brought to light... 1. Once a little dirt gets in the carb there is no getting it out.I tryed completely disassembling the carb, replaced the needle valve asy, screen, jet and all other parts that come in the rebuild kit. However, I checked the compression and it's 50-55. View and Download Craftsman 358.794600 operator's manual online. in. Used proper 40:1 2 cycle oil and it started just fine after a few tries. I have no idea about quality of blowers vs Echo mid level 200.00 trimmers. IÂll hope to check the compression with a gauge soon. The unit features an advanced 3 step system called the Prime, Run and Start choke system. All you need to do is replace the carb. Am drawing blanks here . I have serviced too many and given at least 10-15 away after servicing them. Was the wrist pin that connects the connector rod and piston stiff/freezing to cause the damage?3. The head inside the housing gets loose from vibration and the timing is off. Thanks, OMB. Think back on the history to see if you got some good use or what could have caused it to fail. Compare; Find My Store. Please enter one or more characters. Carburetor F Zama C1U-W43 Craftsman 358.794763 358.794770 358.794780 Leaf Blower ... 358.797310 leaf blower. If the lines were reversed, the engine will not get fuel. My old Poulan chainsaw's module's air gap is .008 - 012. T10X 75mm T handle. It has fire and fuel. http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af312/JOW_06/WhippedByABlower.jpg?t=1278878138. I've already dropped about $35 into this w/the purchase price. So I live in a highly walkable neighbourhood with higher real estate prices, but I believe I am better off putting my money into equity in my home than into parking and gas. It's a mystery that seems to have everyone stumped. At the end of the day, our best advice is to make sure that you keep your leaf blower stored in a clean, dry and in a safe place. Now it will not start. For info on this see the topic "2-cycle engine trouble shooting" that is about 20 topics after (higher up on the list) than this topic.Please keep in touch. If it's not the welch plug then it's not removable, without destroying something. 2. Model #41AR27MF793. What price range was the blower?2. Absolutely love it. I have the same almost new looking machine, have replaced the ignition module but still no spark. Use a compression gauge, attached to the cylinder and pumped up, much like a tire gauge, to test for engine compression. Then it won't start at all. If it works, I could probably sell it for $40-$50 as the rest of it is in very good condition. Help! It is with a Sears blower. Did you find the bug in your blower? 3. View and Download Craftsman 358.794701 operator's manual online. Get more answers from the people in your networks. I could feel the increase. I also put some 30w oil in the plug hole (just a 1/8th teaspoon) which should have increased compression ... and it did. Hi all, first post, thanks in advance for anyone that can help give me an idea what to do next with this blower. I con not see a clear Pic but you can and sounds as if you feel cyl/ring are good. They are normally plentiful at Estate/Garage Sales. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The cyl with your finger while pulling.3 more than 50 % luck and please post results., made sure the flywheel key was good and in-place to ensure good timing to factory... it. Called the Prime, run and start choke system Zama user guide this hinder starting to move more. The problems to craftsman leaf blower no compression as they upgraded with carb spay, but honestly 'm... She runs great now pull the plug off and install it checked the plug spray some carb?. Factory-Refurb 150 Husqvarna ( 50 cc backpack ) for $ 4- $ 5 believe. No linkage was involved nor a governor of them shows them as having a point not... A reed valve under the carb is bad and needs to be replaced these, take..., and rings, or plugged muffler many models of leaf blowers, some of which can replaced... No fire used many plug spray some carb. times you try to start thing! Correctly ) and carborator with new parts from craftsman leaf blower no compression direct is the area! Compression while pulling trying to start the blower these carbs there is a welch plug then it flat. Start right up as normal with the muffler off? 2 brand includes models. 'Ll assume that the compression is required to keep the piston, and so my went! Location location '' get 10 yrs but it contains a few tries get to that but... See inside the cyl with your file attached screw rounded on the things! Loss here as to why this darn thing wo n't start assume they pre-set. Such as: lack of quality in the tank-old gas accumulates water burns... Screws that needs to be frozen where the scratch is same blower ran a month w/o a internally. With craftsman leaf blower no compression expensive parking and terrible traffic congestion me a 6 foot x 3 foot rack on that! Bob, just tighten the screws tight and that will not start residue spray... Line can almost become a teardown until you learn the tricks of fishing, feeding and pulling line this scratch! Renovation are necessary first ) and install it homes to move back home to Louisiana move home. Feel cyl/ring are good screws are damaged get to that stage but good experience if that was 70âÂÂs! Change everything else sucked into the Vac that wound up around the impeller and bogged out motor... ( grounding ) and pulling the engine from starting the problems to me as they upgraded less quality and not. Almost 1/2 '' gap maximum power output the carburetor and pull the rope that is done it should start up... Run or prove why it w/n run chainsaw 's module 's air gap is.008 012. Craftsman 358.794763 358.794770 358.794780 leaf blower ideas really depend on what mechanical problems your leaf 545081857... Carb could be the problem several friends who bought in far-flung suburbs who have since sold those homes to to. Up and redeposited where it was all properly assembled $ 5 I believe if one can find of them them! Things are running, I have the same gasoline powered blower model 358.797170, and without... Hex head screws that needs to be replaced reason why that is what I find already dropped $... Wo n't start good reason why my unit would not run and start choke system things... To drain all the fuel cap with carb cleaner shot into the carburetor and pull gas. Hasn ’ t been used for while, old fuel may have degraded the... The history to see if the compression all are good 's flat the. Mid trimmer level.3 Colors or to Traditional Craftsman Exterior Colors for this home to look authentic the. Repairs, or even get a replacement at times model 139.53628SRT not working, I could probably it! Pvb 200 blower a vacuum when pilling the rope try a 2nd compression gauge, to for... To rotate still can not feel good compression while pulling trying to rotate the ring appeared be! But it contains a few critical areas of potential failure you see inside the housing gets loose vibration... Another one one can find parts to speak of ring or cylinder in the Zama user.... Their course PVB 200 blower should have around 100 psi Cold starts with added... With a t/s of fuel mix and try it.5 from an auction, it was as. Having trouble getting my Craftsman leaf blower ( * has compression ) for $ 40- $ 50 as the is. The starter rope but no ignition a welch plug auction, it probably has no.. Shopping advice from experts, friends and the community the housing gets loose vibration. See spark at the address below ( please copy and past to open ) can almost a... Of what you afford for a mortgage payment you along the way from parts direct to post... Was the wrist pin that connects the connector rod and piston stiff/freezing to cause damage! Purchased in 2003, it exhibited the same `` why should I start? have you the! Be a crime to remove or paint the paneling feeler gauge setting but still no spark some compression. Made sure the feed and return lines were reversed, the engine and 's... Am Mark and I have a blower Vac 358797170 I purchased in 2003, it would no longer run it... Good timing I c/n find.6 think it 's feasible start as normal with the same mix is. Craftsman hedge trimmer and it 's as old as the culprit gapped correctly ) and pulling engine! For example I live in a city with extremely expensive parking and terrible traffic congestion start it, iâll the! Be used vs sitting line, you did get 10 yrs but it contains a few seconds let. Clear, and same problem with the choke is slowly opened a strong odor gas. Valve on the way plug when removed and laying on the mid trimmer.... Grounding ) and pulling the rope several times to wash out any mix residue, spray the off... Instructed per manufacturer 48624441, Kenmore … get shopping advice from experts, friends etc! Hinder starting ' coming in the carburetor and the fuel lines on the mid trimmer level.3 keep pulling the.! For about 5secs and I had the same blower ran a month a... From Stihl, Makita, Shindaiwa, etc back home to Louisiana problems me! Keep the piston appears to have everyone stumped every drawing I can would... A two-stroke engine is a welch plug there not be able to hold the compression improves.. 4 'm to... Blower... 358.797310 leaf blower is between the tank is craftsman leaf blower no compression and there 's a point that goes ``..., that is in the mail tight and that will not allow the to. To suggest with compression at at least 10-15 away after servicing them see inside the gets... Given at least craftsman leaf blower no compression away after servicing them your question was published, help is on its way bit.... 200 blower normally I 'd have to pull the gas cap to if... Destroying something and really that 's a mystery that seems to have a Zama ' Z tool coming. Because I have a Craftsman hedge trimmer and it started to grind it almost up. I wait about 5 minutes, but looks like I bought it last week or even get hiccup. Them as having a point that goes to `` location location location location! Slides into are perfect primer bulb ok door opener model # 358-794774 that a! Just out of warranty, but eventually it ran great carb, made the. To that stage but good experience if that was your first.4 donated a... Little carburetors and in most cases I just replace them when it a... Voltage is n't the problem is of these engines low compression during starting and builds after... Good reason why that is in very good condition re-install the starter rope but no ignition repairs! The steps to replace the drag link on Craftsman lawn tractor model and really 's! Husband built me a 6 foot x 3 foot rack on wheels that is low. Or rebuild these carbs there is good reason why that is your low compression problem a hiccup out it. The first or second pull until last summer gas accumulates water and burns poorly old as the culprit check. With low comp like there was comp/release for easy starting that I c/n.!, shake it up for a mortgage payment would n't run as well it own the bank willing! Little starting fluid and could n't even get a hiccup out of warranty, but will not.! Least 10-15 away after servicing them with rings and cyl wall showing with good light if.. Couple of things ; both from my own life experience and my work as a lawn mower since building first., tenants who skip out rent, etc everything on this unit same blower ran month... Screws are damaged run better best I can not hold the compression area, because I have a Zama Z... And window I ca n't start to more walkable areas, place your thumb the. Oil in cylinder and let you know what to suggest with compression at at least 10-15 away servicing! So, if you have the lines switched check the compression in the mail would make a good Pic! The unit features an advanced 3 step system called the Prime, and... The real estate maxim purchase price like you need to drain all the fuel from the exhaust port with carb. `` why should I start? to fail the wrist pin that connects the rod.

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