It is important to check for these conditions with the DOC office nearest the hunting area. Awesome first hunt experience. Fallow Deer Rut May 21, 2019 In New Zealand we have the pleasure of hunting many species of animals, and many species means the pleasure of hunting multiple ruts. They were believed to be released into England from their origins in Turkey by the Romans in 1860, and over 50 years created a healthy and thriving population covering much of the country. Fallow eat a wide range of plants, including fungi, and favour lowland areas such as river flats and lower valley sides. Find out about fallow deer (Dama dama dama). From a day hunt to a weekend experience, get in touch! Day hunts for fallow deer, red deer or tahr are a great way to get out of town and into the hills amongst some wild, free range animals. However there are instances where restrictions apply for specific reasons and periods when hunting is favoured. The estate is 45 minutes from Auckland city. We guarantee that no other New Zealand hunting guides will have access to the quality and quantity of fallow deer in the country. This is an exciting time to be up at Balnagown, as the natural geography acts as an amphitheatre - it's not uncommon to be surrounded by the bull-frog like croak of the male 'roar'. No hesitation in recommending!". To manage the fallow deer herd and the native environment within the Woodhill forest in perpetuity, in consultation with the leaseholders, landowners, and hunting groups, and to provide public hunting through a balloted hunting season. Fallow deer hunting with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris in the Lake Hawea region is just good honest fun! Fallow Deer KEY INFORMATION Line A beautiful pursuit Cardrona Safaris’ privately-owned hunting areas have herds of impressive palmated Fallow bucks ready for pursuit. Colour grey black in winter. The landscape was amazing. Additionally, fallow deer are widely considered one of the most beautiful deer species in the world! Richard was great as always and I shot me a nice buck, he let me skin and gut it which tested his patience lol. How to hunt safely, reducing the fire risk, rules for hunting on public conservation land, hunting with dogs, overseas hunters, and hunting gear lists. Contact 1-800-266-6132. Females = doe. Hunt early in the rut to lessen chance of trophy secured having broken points. 200 Douglas Score. New Zealand may be best known for the excellent stag and fallow deer hunting in the country. .223 and above are suitable for shooting fallow deer, but .243 or heavier is preferable. DAY 1 in New Zealand definitely did not disappoint.Shop for our sweet HUSH gear here: Social with US! We have access to a 36,000 acre free range property with … All Rights Reserved. Occasionally an area may be closed on a temporary basis to enable research or other management to be undertaken without being compromised by hunting. As well as the above areas, fallow deer have become established, through farm escapes or illegal liberations, in various areas and to hunt there you will need private landowner permission. The Fallow is also the smallest of the deer species in NZ, and many would agree the best eating. Hunting packages for fallow deer in New Zealand. In addition to Fallow deer, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is one of Texas’ premier big game hunting destinations for whitetail deer, blackbuck antelope, buffalo, aoudad, axis deer, elk, New Zealand red stag, and other exotic hunting. (This is almost an annual event in exotic forest herds.). Fallow Deer Hunts Fallow deer are wide spread throughout New Zealand and in Hawkes Bay the wild herd has improved a lot with some magnificent bucks been taken in recent years. Department of Conservation | Te Papa Atawhai, Fallow deer rut April to mid-May and bucks can become preoccupied with attracting does. They come out of the forest to feed on new grass and shrub growth. Young = fawn. The mating season (known as the Rut or the Roar) normally starts mid-March and can continue for a month. Come and hunt trophy red stag and fallow deer with us on 4200 acres of private land completely free range near Mount Ruapehu. They flourish on both the North and South Islands. Experience Fallow Deer hunting on a 300-acre private property 45 mins from Auckland city. There is one thing that New Zealand has no shortage of and that is huge red deer! Fallow Buck Hunting in New Zealand Fallow were liberated in the North Island in 1860 from England and Tasmania. Typical antlers on older deer (yearlings have unbranched spikes) have a round main beam at the base which becomes flattened and palmated at the top end. Fallow deer can be found in four different … Record Book Qualification. Learnt so much. Females usually don't breed till 16 months old with young males, less than 4 years old, kept from mating by older males. Great boys weekend and we will be planning our next visit soon! Usually females give birth to a single fawn, twinning is rare. ", "Had a awesome day today with Richard shooting my first ever buck, so much knowledge in that man's head. ", "My brother and myself did an overnighter in the hut for my 40th this weekend. Call us at (254) 317-0468 to learn more about our individual and corporate Fallow Deer hunts. Was exactly what we both had hoped for. However there are instances where restrictions apply for specific reasons and periods when hunting is favoured. You face a lot of options when planning your New Zealand hunting adventure – our team is here to make things easier for you. FALLOW BUCK DEER HUNTING IN NEW ZEALAND All hunters who are familiar with Fallow deer will describe them as slender, dainty, flighty (and producers of succulent venison!) (Aside from the beauty of it of course) ….Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois and Fallow Deer. The Fallow deer, are a common deer species in NZ, with their population covering both the North and South Island in often isolated pockets. Size: Males 900-1000 mm shoulder height and 60-85 kg in weight with females smaller at 850-900 mm shoulder height and weighing 30-50 kg. As this time, the Bucks fight for territory and mating rights. Create memories that will last a lifetime. 289 2/8 DS taken by Adrian Ashby at McCaughley Valley in 2015. Richard was very patient with us even after we made many rookie mistakes. Trophy hunting generally starts at the end of February - that's if you want an animal in full hard antler. New Zealand Safaris has exclusive hunting rights to two of the top free range and wild fallow deer hunting properties in the country. Richard and Stephanie Ross run Balnagown, a 300 acre game estate, mainly used for hunting Fallow deer. Hunting chamois or tahr by foot is challenging & if successful, very rewarding. Combine your adventure with Red Stag or many other species. Fallow deer are the second most wide spread deer in New Zealand, after red deer. They are the second most numerous deer in New Zealand, following the red deer. Franklins is about 900ac, is fully ring fenced & is enjoyed by all of our hunting clients, a lot of whom come back year after year. Fallow Deer in New Zealand Fallow Deer (or Dama dama) were one of the first deer species to be successfully introduced into New Zealand. He is very professional every step of the way . At Balnagown we have all four colour phases present - Solid Brown/Black, Red/Brown with white spots, lighter brown with spots and the Leucistic, or White Deer. Help us improve the DOC website on mobile in less than 5 min. Fallow deer can be found in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand on public conservation land and private property. Hunt Trophy fallow deer and red stags Hunting New Zealand is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Balnagown Hunting has been in operation for over 20 years. Definitely recommend anyone keen on hunting to give balnagown hunting a go because it's an experience you will never forget", "Can’t rate Richard and the Balnagown Hunting experience highly enough. THE FULL MONTY…..the 4 reasons hunters come to NZ …. To see a list of hunting blocks, click the 'Hunting' button below. When hunting utilise available cover and hunt into the wind. The fallow deer were first introduced to New Zealand in 1864. All inclusive – trophy, 1x1 guiding, lodging/food, ground transfers, field preparation, use of firearms if needed. In New Zealand, there is no seasonal restriction to hunting fallow deer, meaning generally they can be hunted throughout the year. We offer a broad range of Fallow Deer hunting packages to suit everyone 1409 Clayton Road, R.D.17, Sherwood Downs FAIRLIE , 7987 South Island, New Zealand +64 3 685 4915 Good areas of mature bush, pine trees, streams, gullies and hills to hide in and stalk animals. Richard Ross - +64 027 4442057 — [email protected]. Biodiversity inventory and monitoring toolbox. There are no spots or tail patch. ", "Thanks Richard, I had a great day yesterday and will define back and would recommend you and your hunting park to anyone. New Zealand Fallow Deer Hunting Known for their palmate antlers, intelligence, and notorious mean streak – fallow deer (Dama dama), like all of New Zealand’s large ungulates, were brought over (these guys are from Europe). Reproduction: Rut begins in April with males establishing territories, marked by scrapes in the ground into which the male urinates. Fallow feed mainly at dawn and dusk in summer spending much of the day resting in heavy cover and in winter tend to feed most of the day. Nomenclature: Male = buck. Felt spoilt. Put on a mean bbq for lunch. Introduced from Europe, they have spread through much of New Zealand and are now well established. They live in indigenous or exotic forests and often use adjacent farmland for feeding. The rut (April-May) is when the bucks are occupied in attracting the attention of does and are less cautious than other times. Females are attracted to the males rather than a male herding them up in a harem like some other deer species. Melanistic: In New Zealand this is the most common colour encountered. Mid-March to April is the roar and is certainly an exciting time to be around the animals. They are found in both the North Island and South Island, usually in isolated pockets, and can be hunted on both private and public land. Fallow Deer (or Dama dama) were one of the first deer species to be successfully introduced into New Zealand. Record Trophy. Day Hunts for fallow deer, red deer and tahr. Due to high use, some locations run block systems where blocks are allocated by ballot or first registered. The fallow deer, Dama dama, is the second most common deer species found in New Zealand. Fallow deer were among the first to be successfully introduced to New Zealand. Spring is another favourable time of the year to hunt fallow deer. © 2019 Balnagown Hunting. He showed me how to gut and skin, then organised processing of deer. They were first released here in 1860, and over a 50 year period were liberated to many corners of the country. Colour: The most variable of any deer species in New Zealand with four quite distinctive colour phases: Antlers: Present on males only and cast each year in October or November with replacement antlers developed by February. Day hunts are conducted within our large private hunting area (86,000 acres) where we manage wild populations of red deer, fallow deer … Fallow Deer Hunting in New Zealand is some of the best you will find anywhere in the world. The unique palmated antlers and vivid coloration of their coat make a Fallow Buck a handsome addition to your trophy hunt. Most of the “illegal” releases were of animals with top genetics so good … Common: Light red brown sides and back with conspicuous white spots and a black stripe down the back. The Greenstone/Caples Recreational Hunting Area (RHA) is 18 000 hectares in size and is a restricted hunting area reserved for the hunting of fallow deer, from 1 April to 30 September. These beautiful animals are small compared with other deer, but don’t let that fool you. Doe hunting is mainly May to August. Fallow Deer Meat Hunts With the original and “illegal” releases, Fallow Deer are one of the most widespread of the deer species throughout New Zealand. Fortunately, this New Zealand hunting package offers a great hunting opportunity to take both of these antlered species on single hunt. What you need to know: Permits are issued for blocks within the area by ballot. The Red deer rut kicks New Zealand off as the first rutting season starting in March. Rifle calibres of .243 and above are suitable for shooting fallow deer. Possess good eyesight and acute sense of smell. The free range Fallow herd on Mt Nicholas is possibly the best in the country & a hunt for a good buck in the rut is a fantastic experience, these deer are very aggressive and offer an amazing hunt.

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